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Surgical Oncologist In Pune

Surgical Oncologist In Pune

At Novo Life Cancer Clinic we have the reputed and experienced Surgical Oncologist in Pune. Surgical Oncologist is a specialist who focuses on the surgical treatment of a variety of tumors. Oncology is the study of cancer. An oncologist is a doctor who treats cancer. Usually, an oncologist manages a person’s care and treatment once he or she is diagnosed as the cancer patient.

A doctor who has special training in diagnosing and treating cancer in adults using chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, biological therapy, and targeted therapy. A medical oncologist often is the main health care provider for someone who has cancer.

Surgical Oncologist In Pune

Surgical Ongologist And Its Types

The field of oncology has three key areas: medical, surgical, and radiation.
  • • A medical oncologist treats cancer using chemotherapy or other medications, such as targeted therapy.
  • • A surgical oncologist removes the tumor and nearby tissue during an operation. He or she also performs certain types of biopsies.
  • • A radiation oncologist treats cancer using radiation therapy.
  • Some other sorts of Oncologists
  • • A gynecologic oncologist treats gynecologic cancers, such as uterine cancer and cervical cancer.
  • • A pediatric oncologist treats cancer in children. Some types of cancer occur most often in children and teenagers, such as certain brain tumors, leukemia, osteosarcoma, and sarcoma. But they sometimes occur in adults. In these cases, an adult may decide to work with a pediatric oncologist.
  • • A hematologist-oncologist diagnoses and treats blood cancers, such as leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma.
  • Our Surgical Oncologist in Pune provides the best and working course of the Cancer disease. The oncologist’s role includes the following-
  • • Explaining the cancer diagnosis and about the stage that on which stage your cancer is.
  • • Discussing all about the relevant treatment options and Oncologist’s recommendations.
  • • Delivering high quality, compassionate care.
  • • Helping the patient manage cancer-related pain and other symptoms or treatment side effects.

Top Surgical Oncologist In Pune

A person with cancer is often treated by a team of oncologists who specialize in different areas of oncology. This approach is helpful because cancer treatment frequently involves a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. We have the top Surgical Oncologist in Pune at our Cancer Clinic.

We have dedicated team of highly skilled surgeons with extensive experience in delivering comprehensive treatment of cancer. We perform a full range of cancer surgery and reconstructive procedures.

Common Surgical Procedures:

  • • Head and neck cancer
  • • Breast cancer
  • • Gastro-intestinal cancer
  • • Thoracic cancer
  • • Skin cancer
  • • Hepatobiliary and pancreatic cancer
  • • Genitourinary cancer
  • • Limb preservation surgeries for sarcomas


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best oral cancer treatment.

gayatri adawde

Genuine yet affordable cancer treatment

neelam shukla

got treated for HIPEC. Recovered well. free of cancer at present


Uterine cancer treatment

suresh patil

stomach cancer on general therapy

pandurang patil

oral cavity cancer treatment


My mother was detected with colon cancer. Got really scared.. Dr anup Tamhankar comforted us about the situation.. He explained all the reality, stage in depth to us.. All the info was given in depth, yet we were not not made unnecessarily nervous


Skillful doctor. Very kind and gentle also.

Sanjay Joshi

I had pancreatic cancer. I visited Jupiter and Ruby hall clinic for the same. The doctors and hospitals seemed unprofessional and extremely expensive. My neighbour suggested Dr Tamhankar at deenanath mangeshkar hospital. I got operated by him with

Amol M

I had a tumor in small intestine. A surgeon in pune operated me. But unfortunately, I had fistula after surgery and was leaking stools from my wound. Many surgeons refused to treat me in pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad etc. I consulted Anup sir. After

Around Kumar

Hum jharkhand se tata hospital apni treatment ke liye aaye the. Local dacter ne pet ka cancer bola tha. Tata me bahot waiting tha. Isliye unhone hume Dr Anup ke paas bheja. Hamara achha treatment deenanath mangeshkar hospital me hua. Yeah ek

Arun Kumar

Hum jharkhand se tata hospital apni treatment ke liye aaye the. Local dacter ne pet ka cancer bola tha. Tata me bahot waiting tha. Isliye unhone hume Dr Anup ke paas bheja. Hamara achha treatment deenanath mangeshkar hospital me hua. Yeah ek

Karbhari korde

Mala pancreas cha cancer zala hota. Anup sarani Maza operation kela. Mi ata chemotherapy ghet ahe. Mala aarthikdrushtya sarani madat keli. Thank you sir.

Deepak Makhija

Oral leukoplakia

Mangesh kolekar

Mouth can

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